Dream Meaning Tree

Dream Meaning Tree

To see a tree in a dream refers to good days that will come after bad days.

To see a tree with a few leaves in your dream refers to abundance and money which will come from unexpected place.

To see a big tree with lush leaves in your dream signifies that you will overcome with your health problems and you will live healthy for long years.

To see a big tree such as plane tree, white cypress pine in your dream signifies that you will reach to a high status and after this situation, you will be respected from your friends.

To see that you plant tree in your dream may represent that you will have good news of a child among your relatives or your own child.

To see of cutting a tree or being cut by another person in your dream denotes that your problems within marriage will come to an end thanks to a person and your family environment will be peaceful.

To see that a tree reaches to the sky and you don’t see the end in your dream refers to a secret that you hear in a community. If you see that the roots of a tree disperse round in your dream, a secret about you will be appear.

To see that the fruits hang down from boughs of a tree in your dream signifies a profit that will be gained easily and this profit will go soon. If you see that firstly you climb a tree then you find nothing in your dream, it refers to a profit that will be gained hardly and a good event will ocur with this profit or a commodity will be bought.

To see that a tree is cut in your dream signifies that the problems about education and job will appear but these problems will be handled by itself. 

To see the trees of all sizes respectively in your dream implies that you will meet with  a new person who will bring peace to your life and you will have an emotional relationship with this person.

To see a cat or dog on the tree in your dream refers to peace and no obstacles.

To see trees which have leaves with different colours in your dream indicates that you will renew a private commodity or you will sell it. 

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