Dream Meaning of Almond

Dream Meaning of Almond

To see an almond in your dream symbolizes tranquility, light, beauty and abundance.

To eat an almond in your dream suggests that  your opinions that you have planned will fulfill; yet some time is needed. At the end of this time, you will be relaxed related to financial issues.  

To see an almond toffee in your dream represents that you will have a package or public document within a short time.

To dream of breaking almond refers to a desire and this desire will happen soon, then peace and happiness will emerge among family members.

To see an almond tree in your dream signifies that problems within your family will destroy with the help of a foreigner.

To see an almond flower in your dream signifies that diseases will disappear, but you will spend money regarding your health.

To dream of breaking and eating almond implies that you should forgive the people that you are angry with. After that, thanks to these friends, you will meet a good person or you will be helped about an issue.

To dream that you buy almond refers to beauty and abundance and the emotional issues which you will have.

To dream that you sell almond signifies that all family members are secure, the unhealthy people in your family will heal and be tranquil.

To see a rotten almond in your dream implies that you will beautify your life with your opinions, you will destroy your problems by thinking about good things and doing good things.

To see that you collect almonds from almond tree represents that you will prove yourself in the restricted issues and your family will be proud of you.

To see a leaf of almond in your dream represents that you will have a problem with your friends but you will overcome the troubles with the help of your family soon.

To see a green almond in your dream implies that you should go away from burdens or people making your life difficult and afterwards your successes will enhance spontaneously.

To see a raw almond in your dream signifies that you will be helped by a person that will meet you soon.

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