Dream Meaning of Promissory Note (Debenture)

To see promissory note or cheese bonds in your dream refers to loyalty, relying upon the statement and at the same time being a man of his word, fair character.

To see of taking promissory note in your dream means that you win the waited job, win out from a job which you compete, see a thing through.

To dream that you issue note indicates that people who don’t talk with each other make it up and make peace thanks to you.

To pay for the note in a dream may imply that you will carry out your vow, do favor.

To sign promissory note or see a signed note in your dream refers to a commodity which will be bought or a present which will be given in a community you will go.

To see that you tear a promissory note in your dream suggests that you will save from the responsibility, be proven innocent. Also, you will be proven innocent in an issue which you are blamed for. If you are waiting for the result of exam, it will be good.

To stick a stamp to the note in your dream symbolizes that you will choose against an incident related to an election. You are torn between two friends and there will be disagreement between them or you decide to buy a commodity which you are undecided about.

To dream that you examine note law means that you will reach a high status, succeed every job.

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