Dream Meaning of Lace

Dream Meaning of Lace

Seeing lace in a dream symbolizes marriage, peaceful in family life, happiness.

Knitting lace in a dream indicates that indicates that you will hear news about one of your friends marriage.

Ironing lace in a dream indicates that you will marry someone meet in a short time or there will be emotional intimacy between you and him in a short time.

Ripping lace off in a dream indicates that mediate your friend for his marriage. Someone who is ripping lace off symbolizes that he will help his friend about financially.

To cover table ,television etc. with lace symbolizes marriage preparations  and cheerful minutes.

Seeing dirty lace symbolizes decisions which will be made in marriage and it indicates that through this decisions your life will become beatiful  and peace and happiness will dominate in your house.

Lace dress  symbolizes shoppings for marital preparations and expenses that will be spent during these preparations but it will not put you into trouble.

Lace brassiere indicates that you are given valuable presents for your marriage. To dream that wearing lace brassiere indicates that you will buy an expensive present for someone.

Lace nightdress symbolizes you will enter a period that you will be relax in terms of financially.

Lace curtain indicates that your family problems will end up in a short time.

Buying lace in a dream indicates that your long standing relation will end up with marriage or a relative in your family will marriage.

Selling lace in a dream indicates that your marriage will be delayed for a while because of the problems lived in your relation.

Giving lace as a gift indicates that you will set out a journey with your partner. If someone gives you lace as gift, then it symbolizes surprise.

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  1. I dreamed my daughter (usually means my sexual side) is wearing a see-thru black lace skirt with no front & square heeled black heels. Cant see the top of her body.

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