Dream Meaning of Tree

Dream Meaning of Tree

Dream of tree symbolizes refreshment, happiness and clearance. It indicates that you will spend your remaining life on this earth without worry and sadness. A tree is the symbol of the original structure of the human inner life. If a tree emerges in the dream, you will deal wisely with this image in details. Tree is closely related to personality and the way to master with life. In particular, it can often draw conclusions on energy, attitudes, beliefs, ideas and values ​​which influence behavior and act decisively. Sometimes a tree is understood as a power symbol.

Dream Of Trimming A Tree

Dream of trimming down a tree indicates that you will have problem with your family. Your relatives’ behavior against you will change. Bad days are waiting you. 

Dream Of A Cut Down Tree

Dream of a cut down tree symbolizes bad news and undesirable events. Dream of a cut down tree indicates that you will face some problems in your life all of a sudden and these problems will make you miserable and sad.

Dream Of Fruit Tree

Dream of fruit tree symbolizes livelihood. If there are good amount of fruits on the branches, it indicates that you will not have to worry about money in your life and you will make a great fortune.

Dream Of A Green Tree

Dream of a green tree indicates that you have a bright future ahead of you. It symbolizes good deeds and beneficial business agreements.


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