Dream Meaning of Visa

To see visa in dream indicates that you will have good days. You will meet with new people who are beneficial for your business and you will get promotion at work with the help of these people. Besides, to dream with visa suggests that an adventurous process will start for you.

If you are married, then visa may refer to that you will have an argument with your spouse because you want to go on a holiday alone. On the other hand, it may be interpreted as relaxation after having complicated events and tiring days. Alternatively, it may symbolize that you will make a plan to have comfortable living standards and get rid of all your financial difficulties. You will need more money than you have already had and you will have a part-time job to reach your goals.

Getting visa in dream

The dream meaning of getting visa suggests that you will act and behave without your parents’ acknowledgement and as a result of your independence you will get into trouble. To see that you are applying for and getting a visa in your dream illustrates that you will get a higher position at workplace and you will get good reputation in your social environment. Moreover, it may symbolize that you will consult other people around you to find a way to solve one of your problems. For example, you will want to get some advice from others to have a job in a public or governmental institution. If you are an old person, then getting visa in dream may be a sign of feeling disappointed because of an argument with your children or grandchildren about your properties.

On the other hand the dream interpretation of getting visa signifies that you are an employer and there are many employees who works for you. It may also refer to getting good news, being a manager or boss at work place or getting support from your family. The people who dream with getting a visa won’t stand alone during their life and will be together with their friends and relatives. It implies good communication skills.

Psychological interpretation of visa in dream

Visa in dream often symbolizes the desire for being approved and accepted in society. Besides, the dreamer is usually the one who tries to be an important person in his / her social environment and doesn’t have enough self-confidence.

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