Dream Meaning of Shop Window

To dream about shop window is a sign of existence of a person who insults or looks down on other people. This person ignores others and does not appreciate anything. In addition this person brags with his or her properties and belongings. So, that person doesn’t have a good reputation in the society and no one takes him or her seriously.

Alternatively, shop window in dream implies that you feel that you are so important however your selfishness and individualism make other people dislike you. Other people don’t want to communicate with you because of your attitude.

Dream meaning of display dummy

To see a display dummy in your dream represents that you will be able to display your skills easily and you will be able to express yourself comfortably in your social circle. It may also symbolize lack of self-confidence and unsuccess. Since you don’t have enough self-confidence, you have problems to achieve your goals in your private or business life.

The dream interpretation of cabinet

The dream with cabinet signifies good symbols. The dreamer will be in peace, everything will be alright and he or she will have good relationships with others. He or she is an adored person because of his or her good communication skills. To dream of cabinet also shows that you will save your money and invest on something. You take care of your expenditures and in the following years you will live in richness.

Alternatively, it may imply that you are hiding something about yourself from your family or your friends. The details about the cabinet may be more explanatory yo interpret the dream. In addition, cabinet may refer to the womb and the female body. If you dream that someone is arranging your cabinet, then it illustrates you are allowing others to interfere in your decisions.

Dream about glass case

To see glass case or display case in dream symbolizes a daughter, a mother or a wife. If the dreamer is in a glass case or he /she is displayed in a shop window, then the dream represents that his/her wishes and dreams will come true and he/she will achieve his/her goals. It means that the dreamer will get happier day by day.

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