Dream Meaning of Gear

The dream meaning of gears is a sign of a major and important changes. The dream, which refers to that you will live in different conditions, also implies that unexpected events will make you happy. In this period, you will get many good news. Besides, gear in dream may indicate that you will have a new job or you will have a relationship with a new person. There may be a marriage with that person.   

Alternatively, it illustrates that you will have higher living standards and won’t experience financial difficulties. It usually symbolizes good things like an important investment, a big real estate or a valuable property. You may change your path and step forward in a different direction.

To change gears in dream

To see that you are changing gears in your dream suggests that you are a decisive person and you are sure about everything you have done in every field of your life. Besides, the dream represents that you will be able to make right decisions whenever there is a complex situation and you won’t allow anyone to interfere in your decisions. You will have enough willpower to act consciously.

Alternatively, the dream interpretation of changing gears refers to that you will care about your beliefs and you will always walk on your own way. You have principles which you will always follow. Your traits will make you a respected person in your business life.

The dream with changing gears sometimes indicates that you will apply to a new job and quit the current one. It may be a sign of moving to a different city or country, as well.

Dream about gearing down

The dream meaning of gearing down shows that you will try to save your money with speeding less. You will have some financial difficulties and these difficulties will make you care about your expenditures. So, you will need to control your budget and be careful while spending your money.

Moreover, to gear down in dream may be a sign of your abilities about overcoming troubles. It suggests that you are a believer, you have self-confidence and you make right decisions.

Psychological interpretation of gears in dream

To dream with gears may imply that the dreamer is one of the people who have difficulties about making important decisions. It usually symbolizes instability and being indecisive.  

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