Dream Meaning of Body

The dream meaning of body suggests that you have already experienced some bad events but you have long term plans to overcome those problems. It represents that you are trying to deal with troubles and to correct your mistakes.

Alternatively, body refers to health. Especially the ones who are being treated for a long time will get better. If you are pregnant, then the dream of body implies some unimportant health problems. You may feel stressful but it won’t last long. Sometimes, body in dream symbolizes good news and happiness. You will meet with new people at your business, start new projects and gain profit from these projects.

The dream meaning of your own body is a sign of self-esteem. It means that you care about your own body and your physical appearance.

To see a dead body in dream reflects that you are feeling lonely although you have many friends around you. To dream with a bloody dead body indicates that you will need to decide how to act in a situation.   

Dream with female body

If a man sees a female body in his dream, it indicates that he will lose his communication with his spouse. Besides the dream shows that he won’t feel satisfied with his living standards anymore. If the dreamer is a single man, then it represents sexuality and refers to that he needs time to start an emotional relationship. If the dreamer is a woman, then the dream implies that she will be respected by everyone because of the things she succeeds.

Dream of male body

The dream interpretation of male body may be a sign of the future which is full of success. You will enjoy your life and have many remarkable achievements in the future. Your dreams will come true, you will be a powerful individual and have good living standards. It also symbolizes self-confidence and capability.

Psychological interpretation of body in dream

The dream usually points out wishes and hopes. The dreamer is the one who doesn’t care about moral values so much. He or she sometimes makes big mistakes because of his / her selfishness. Alternatively, to dream about body may signify the people whom the dreamer appreciates.


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