Dream Meaning of Video

Dream meaning of video indicates that you can not learn from your mistakes and you continue to do the same things whereas your friends, relatives and family always warn you. For that reason, you have always get into trouble. You are bored because of difficulties but you don’t make self-criticism and you don’t think about your faults. Besides, for every problem you live, you blame other people or situations. The dream of dreaming a video may be a sign that you will be obsessive about a subject or an event and you will have a quarrel with your family because of your attitude. It also symbolizes that you will do something which will cause a problem between you and your partner.

Dream interpretation of recording a video

To see that you are recording a video in your dream suggests that you will have a bad experience arising from your close friends. However, you will make self-criticism and after that you will start to pay more attention to events. Besides, the dream may represent that you will behave unkind due to your hatred and anger.

Alternatively, to dream with recording video indicates that you will notice a person who rumour about you and tries to destroy friendship between you and your colleagues.

To watch a video in dream

Dream meaning of watching a video denotes that you will take lessons from your experiences and make important decisions about your life. You will cope with your problems which stem from other people. If you break with your partner, then the dream is interpreted as that you will come together again and have a better relationship. You will repay your debts and stay away from troubles.

 Psychological interpretation of video in dream

The dream symbolizes the psychology of people who constantly think about what they have lived, inquire themselves and make different assessments about situations each time. To dream about video also points to your suspiciousness. Besides it refers to not trusting anyone.

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