Dream Meaning of Screw

To see a screw in your dream is interpreted that everything is good in your life. You will have a comfortable life if you make right assessments or decisions, walk on eggshells and trust yourself. When you continue to work hard, your hardworking brings about welfare. Besides, it suggests that you will have money and your financial position won’t get worse, your health and cheerfulness will be constant.

In addition, to dream with a screw refers to your feelings which are taken advantaged by someone else. You are ignoring many things because you think those details are unimportant but you should be aware of that these things are essential.  

To screw in dream

Dream interpretation of screwing suggests that you will get better both financially and emotionally. You will have opportunities to start new business which will make you richer. Besides the dream indicates that you will start to recover after some difficulties.

Dream meaning of screwing off

To see that you are screwing off in your dream illustrates that you will spend a lot of time for something which won’t contribute to you anything. You will spend your money on these useless affairs but you won’t reach your goal. It may also be a sign of losing your money.

Alternatively, screwing off in dream is a symbol of a danger for you. This danger will cause losing your job. You may offer a price in an auction which you think it will bring you wealth, however you may be unsuccessful.

Dream interpretation of swallowing a screw

To dream about swallowing a screw symbolizes tough competitors in your business life. You are busy with commerce and you will struggle with your competitors although you know that you can lose. Alternatively, swallowing a screw in dream denotes that you are acting bravely in your life and at workplace all the time.

Picking up screws in dream

The dream meaning of picking up screws represents that you will save money to start your own business or to do something that you have wished for a long time. Your determination will result in your success eventually. You will achieve your goals and improve your life.   

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