Dream Meaning of Vein

Seeing a vein or veins in life means good fortune. It means the strength of the family bonds, the support and being in unison with brothers, cousins, relatives and they get together even in the most difficult times. Generally, this dream is interpreted as everyone who are close to the person and the friendship of those people.

Seeing the rupture of a vein

Seeing the rupture of a vein means the primary relationships of the person will be shaken up, fall into pieces and there will be disagreements, arguments and divergences. There may be decisions on separating the ways and ending the relationships.

Seeing embolism in a dream

It may be interpreted as an upsetting situation, dreaming of veins signify your frustration and anger of a situation in your waking life. The people you trust will let you down and because of this there will be disappointments.

Seeing the swelling of a vein

It means that the person will go to a place for entertainment and will attract many eyes in that place, he or she will be admired by the people. It means a person who takes care of his or her physical appearance.

Seeing the hemorrhage of a vein

Seeing the hemorrhage of a vein is nowhere near good. It means bad fortune and being unlucky. It stands for living in a big calamity and not getting over the bad situation you get yourself into.

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