Dream Meaning of Wings

Dreaming about wings suggest all your wishes to come true as long as you’re patient and. It indicates that duration of your your happiness and success is not only for a limited period, but will extend for a lifetime as long as you keep your determined approach in your life. It implies that sad and dark days will come to an end, pleasant and radiant days will arrive. It also signifies that you will come to terms about your lost loved ones, also you will fulfill your longings.

Flying with Wings

If you see yourself flying with wings in your dream, this indicates that you will find peace that you require in a short time. It suggests that you will hit the road for a new place that you’ve never been before, which will impact your mood positively, it implies that you will spend a lot of time for this long-distance trip.

Flapping Wings

The interpretation of flapping your wings in your dream is that you will contribute to good causes and you will act on your moral decisions. It also signifies that you will take important decisions, changes and reforms will take place in your life. It suggests that you will find a job that makes you happy and satisfied and your happiness will go on for a long period of time.

Having Wings

Seeing yourself with wings in your dream indicates that you will experience very favourable news in your life and you will take a very beneficial step in your life, which later will lead to success.

Winged Ants

Dreaming about winged ants symbolizes having power, strength and wealth; indicates believing and trusting yourself, giving an effort to overcome all the difficulties that you face. It suggests that you will achieve your dreams, your success and wealth with hard work.

Angel with Wings

Dream interpretation of a winged angel is goodness and well-being. It implies an emotional support from a friend, who will help you get away from your troubles and be with you when you need them.

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