Dream Meaning of Velvet

Seeing velvet in a dream means that because the owner of this dream is a humble, good natured, he or she will always be shown great respect and loved, will always receive help in difficult times, will get a great job, will accomplish many great endevors, will be a person who is known by everyone and respected and experience happiness. At the same time it is said that this person will rise in rank to the highest level. If you dream about velvet and beautiful clothes made from velvet, it’s a sign of successful reality. In the professional arena, it signifies that you will get noticed and that you will get acknowledgment for your work. You might also be honored for something at your workplace.

Dressed in velvet clothes

If you are wearing velvet clothes in your dream it indicates that you will travel a lot in the upcoming time. There is also a notable aspect of your social interaction being increased significantly. It also means that you will be very beloved among your friends and be popular.


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