Dream Meaning of Tragedy

Seeing the bad in the dream, is that the visitor with a sinister person is the sign of the person’s life entering the distressing process undesirably as a result of the damage done by this person. Those who see evil will find themselves helping someone who is in trouble or who is in trouble. A dream that is not usually a good interpretation indicates lessons to be learned from mistakes to be made and regrets to be heard in the future. To see evil is the increase in the number of enemies and the increase in the number of unhappy and unhappy people who are not directly proportional to their way of doing things and becoming rich. It is a warning dream that expresses the need to be careful, especially in this period, that it is necessary to be cautious by approaching new acquaintances more distantly, even if it is in the family and wants to evil the person and makes rumors about the gossip.

Seeing the bad news in the dream, is tiring and some negative developments that will affect everyday life will happen, and the owner of the dream who is suffering from injustices will get tired of stressful days. It is often interpreted as actually getting bad news, feeling sad, experiencing situations that will cause boredom. If you get bad news from a loved one, the tension that will create a great belief that anyone will live on, strese, tired of helping someone to do this to anyone. Seeing that you get bad news from someone who has passed away is a huge misfortune, a sign that there are problems that concern the rest of your life and cause a dark picture of the future.

Seeing death in the dream, is a sign of new beginnings. It is narrated to the beautiful developments that will come true in the life of your dream owner and to surprise events that will make you smile. This dream symbolizes goodness in general terms. When it is called innovations, it is interpreted that happiness will be experienced both in and around the owner of the dream. It symbolizes peace and comfort.

Fearful dreams cause people to awaken in fear and anxiety. Fear dreams are dreams that a person sees in life, witnesses, the end of which he is impressed by the terrible elimination events he hears. In the Western world, such stress dreams that are seen after trauma are called TSSR. Fear dreams come at the same time in the face of events that lead to a tragic and spiritual depression that occurs in everyday life, when the psychologist applies to us and avoids clinical treatment. Let’s say that losing one of our family relatives to ghost cancer, cancer or traffic accident does not want you to see a dream of fear, your psychological problems will be a beginning, their effects will manifest themselves as mental disorder for a long time

Clinical trials have shown that individuals who come from families with psychiatric problems see the dream of fear on a regular basis. These individuals either commit suicide or think of suicide. Fear dreams show that the person who sees the dream is in fear, that is, a sign of fear. The main reason for the fear dream is that the person who sees that dream is afraid of something and that he is no longer accepting and grasping it, and that he is working to defeat those fears, and that he takes precautions in this direction. The consciousness of man must wake up and understand, that is, pay attention to yourself, give the message of not straying.


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