Dream Meaning of Sand

Every object you see in your dreams refers to your thoughts in real life and to events that you live in. If you have seen sand in your dream, you should know that sand is a dream object that has many symbolic meanings. The sand is primarily a religious symbol, and if your dreams contain sand, the dream is telling you some religious messages. Sand’s presence is a message about your life from a religious perspective.

For example, if you have too much sand in your dream then your dream tells you that you are dealing too much with the mortal life. Seeing too much sand in the dream, pointing out that you are too busy with the mortal world and have forgotten the religious facts.

If you are seeing a lot of sand in the dream and especially if you see that you have accumulated these sands in a container, it means you have a lot of ambition of gaining money. But this is not a negative situation. Do not worry if you’ve seen so many sands in the dream. You will make a lot of money, and you will spend this money on good works. You will help those people who are in need of help with this money, and you will not miss your money just for pleasure. Seeing sand in the sea has such a positive meaning and negative meaning. It may also indicate that the person who is seeing sand in the dream is about to get ill. This dream, which gives a message that the time of being ill is very close, means that the person has a very short quality lifespan.

Dreaming That A Woman Walking On The Sand

Seeing a woman walking on the sand is a situation with very negative meanings. If you are seeing a woman walking in the sand in your dream, read the interpretation of the dream before you worry. If a woman walks on the sand, it means she will be alone and unhappy for long years.

If the person who is walking in the sand is a man, the same interpretation is valid in this situation too. If a man walks alone on the sand, it means that he will not be with someone for many years.

If you have seen in your dream a woman or a man has bought the sand on the ground, it means that those people will have long unhappiness and sadness in their lives for many years. In addition to that, getting sand from the ground can mean that someone will get a benefit that is his or her right.

If you have seen in your dream that you are gathering sand under a tree, it may mean that you will obtain property. All the troubles you have experienced in the past will now be solved and vanished.

If you see a person walking on the wet sand, it means that he or she will cheat on her husband or wife.

If a person is playing ball on the sand in your dream, it shows that it is now time for rest and to leave behind the moral world. It is time to fulfill his commands in the way of becoming a loved one of God.

Seeing the Sand Pile in the Dream

If you see that you are sitting on a pile of sand in your dream, it points out that you will have a wealthy life. Things will happen that you did not expect to happen before. Not only unexpected situations but also new earnings gates will be opened toyou. Seeing a pile of sand in a dream is a very positive situation.

See the Sandstorm in the Dream

If you have seen a sandstorm in your dream this will indicate that you will have quite intensive developments in your private life. These intense developments mean that your fears that you live in your private life will rise. That is why you need to be aware of your own inner world before you can control yourself. If you have seen the sand storm in your dream, you must be careful about your inner world.

12 thoughts on “Dream Meaning of Sand”

  1. It would indicate that you want something become suddenly and miraculously. But everything in life is connected to humans own effort. That is to say, in order to get things become good we should change something instead of waiting from external world.

  2. The explanations gave exactly what I saw in my dream… I was giving out sand to people from a heap. I had the spade and I was filling out people’s containers and buckets. These were people I could not really identify. However, the sand didn’t reduce.

  3. i had a dream that i was swiping lots of sand with lot of water ,it looks like a storm. in doors to out doors and i could not put all out

  4. Looking here for interpretation: dreamed in a nap, which is unusual itself. The sand was inside of church, covering floor, up over pews, they were hard to recognize, for the amount of sand was inside

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