Dream Meaning of Toothless

To dream about toothless has various meanings. These meanings change according to the context or how you lost your teeth in your dream. In general, being toothless symbolizes bad luck or unhappiness. One of the interpretations of being toothless is your fear of being unattractive. You like your appearance in real life and being ugly is scaring you. The other possible interpretation is losing power. If you have a good job or you are a well-known person, being toothless in your dream represents that you feel that you are losing your power in your field. That may be because of your weaknesses or your competitors’ strengths.

According to some interpretations, being toothless in the dream symbolizes loss of confidence. Although you have self-confidence, you will start to hesitate to make decisions because of getting bad news.

To dream that you are toothless may illustrate that you will get sick and it will take time to heal. Alternatively, if you see that you are toothless and you feel uncomfortable in your dream, then the dream represents that you don’t want to grow old.

Seeing that your teeth are pulled out

To see that you are toothless because your teeth are pulled out implies bad symbols. The dream usually indicates that someone will force you to do something that you don’t want to do. If you can’t stop her/him, this person will pull you down. So, the dream foretells you that you should learn to say no.  

Seeing a toothless person in your dream

The dream meaning of toothless people symbolizes your enemies. If you see toothless people in your office, then you need to be careful in the workplace. Some of your colleagues may try to harm you. If you don’t know the toothless people in your dream, it indicates that you aren’t aware of your enemies and you should pay attention to everyone.    

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