Dream Meaning of Topaz

The dream interpretation of topaz signifies good symbols and good luck. It is a yellow stone used in jewellery and represents wealth. Keeping the literal meaning of the term in mind, to dream about topaz implies wealth.  

According to another viewpoint, topaz in your dream symbolizes wisdom. You are making reasonable decisions and you are very successful because you are taking the right steps. You are staying far from the people or situations that may harm you. You have good communication skills so you can solve any problem with the help of your interpersonal intelligence. Alternatively, topaz in your dream represents strong friendships. According to some interpretations, seeing topaz is a sign of relaxation and calmness. 

Receiving topaz in the dream

If you get topaz as a present in your dream, it usually denotes that you will fall in love. Topaz reflects your strong feelings for someone. To purchase jewellery which is made with topaz in the dream also symbolizes love. Moreover, it may imply meeting interesting people in a ceremony and having a good time.

Losing topaz jewelry

To dream that you have lost your jewelry refers to your enemies. There are jealous people around you and they want to harm you. For example, they may gossip about you or they may influence your manager by telling lies about you. They may tell your secrets to everyone. So, you should be careful and not talk to people who you don’t know well about yourself. 

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