Dream Meaning of Tomb

The dream meaning of a tomb indicates that you will lose a person who is very important and an advisor for you. This person’s death will change your life. However, you will take into consideration his or her advice all your life and he / she will continue to be the advisor for you. Seeing a tomb in your dream may represent that you will lose one of your belongings which is symbolic for you.

Alternatively, to dream about a tomb reflects that there are many people around you who are always gossiping but you don’t allow them to be influencers in your life. You don’t listen to them or you don’t have conversations with them.

The dream meaning of a tomb also suggests that you won’t repeat your mistakes. You take lessons from your faults.

Being trapped in a tomb

To see that you are trapped in a tomb in your dream indicates that you are trying to leave behind your bad experiences and your past which makes you unhappy but it is not easy to forget. You are feeling stuck at the same point. The dream also illustrates your negative feelings about yourself. You think that nobody respects you and you are a loser. You should get rid of those negative feelings and try to enjoy your life.

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