Dream Meaning of Thigh

Dreaming of thigh suggests different symbols. Thigh in your dream sometimes symbolizes honor, seriousness and unfailing faith. Thigh represents that you will promise someone with whom you have a relationship to love her or him forever. The dream meaning of a thigh may signify that you are making hasty decisions or impetuous promises at work or social life. You are also hasty in judging people. The dream interpretation of thighs sometimes illustrates that you have the power to overcome every difficult situation in your business life.

Alternatively, the dream with the thigh may denote that your relationship arouses your feelings in real life. If you see white and smooth thighs in your dream, then the dream represents that you are a very lucky person. Your good luck makes everything easy in real life. You can cope with the problems or unexpected situations with the help of your luck.

The dream interpretation of injured thigh

If you see an injured thigh in your dream, the dream suggests that you are trying to establish a relationship in your real life but you are feeling that you will fail. Despite your feelings, you are working hard to build it.

A wounded thigh in your dream may be a sign of illness. The dream is a kind of warning to take care of your health. It also foretells that you will feel betrayed by your friends’ or your family’s lack of support.

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