Dream Meaning of Elixir of Life

To dream of elixir of life represents many different feelings. It denotes confidence, strength, clarity or understanding. The dream sometimes symbolizes your fears or uncertainty.  

Dream with the elixir of life may symbolize hope. You are hoping that you will find something which will bring your life happiness. The dream suggests that you are going on an adventure to satisfy your expectations from life. The dream may suggest that you want to get rid of your fears and start over. To see that you are drinking the elixir of life in your dream illustrates that you want to be more healthy.  

If you see that the elixir of life is stolen by someone else in your dream, then the dream foretells that you feel as if you won’t be able to become happy in real life because of other people’s malice.

The dream meaning of elixir of life may represent a lack of boundaries in your mind. You think that everything is possible in real life and you sometimes cross the line. The dream may signify that you want to be clear and understanding all the time. You try to know how other people are feeling and you want to forgive your friends when they do something wrong.

Alternatively, the elixir of life in the dream may signify your desire to be beautiful and stay young. You don’t want to get older and you always feel young. The dream also represents your desire to be healthy.

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