Dream Meaning of Thermometer

The dream meaning of thermometer is usually related to your emotions. A thermometer in the dream suggests that your good communication with other people. You are warm and generous in your real life. Your friends and people around you like having conversations with you. Alternatively, the dream interpretation of thermometer may symbolize your mood changing. This change may be quite slowly or dramatically.

To look at directly to the thermometer’s monitor suggests that there will be some disagreements in your family life. The dream may illustrate some problems at the workplace.

To measure someone’s temperature in the dream

To see that you are measuring someone’s temperature by using a thermometer in your dream may be a sign of your anger. The dream denotes that you feel angry with someone because of his / her behaviors. The dream of measuring temperature may also suggest that you want to take actions to correct some misunderstandings. It may symbolize your desire for taking precautions to avoid bad situations.

The dream with measuring your temperature indicates that you attach great importance to control your temper in real life. You try not to lose your temper although so many things go wrong.

To dream that you are a nurse and taking the temperature of other people represents that you aren’t taking care of yourself nowadays. The dream may be interpreted as a warning to you. You should pay attention to your health. 

The dream with a broken thermometer

The dream meaning of a broken thermometer usually symbolizes a serious illness. It tells that you will have to struggle to heal. If you dream that mercury in the thermometer is dropping out of the device, the dream indicates that you are not happy with your spouse or beloved. To dream that the temperature is rising shows that you will throw off your problems at the workplace in a short time.

To buy a thermometer in your dream

The dream interpretation of buying a thermometer signifies good things. You will be successful in your business. You will be able to achieve your goals and be promoted to a higher position at the workplace. If you are running your own business, the dream denotes that you will make a huge profit.

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