Dream Meaning of Temptation

The dream of temptation could have different meanings. The dream may suggest that one of your friends will try to provoke others by saying unrealistic things about you.  This person may be an envious colleague who wants you to be unsuccessful at the workplace. Rumors about you may cause many problems, so you should be careful.

To resist the temptation in the dream is a good symbol. You will face gossip in real life but you will handle all of them. If you want to betray your spouse in your dream, it suggests that you may be accused of misconduct in your social or business life. If the dreamer is a woman, then it may indicate that you will be broken up with your husband or boyfriend.

If you see that you aren’t resisting the temptation, the dream denotes that you will betray a close friend or tell lies to your spouse or family in real life. When a married man dreams that he isn’t resisting the temptation, he may betray his wife and his betrayal will be learned by everyone and you will feel embarrassed. The dream interpretation of tempting of a young person represents that you may divorce because of your bad behaviors. If you see that you are unpleasant because of not resisting temptation, the dream indicates that you have unsatisfied demands and you will try to change something in your life.

Alternatively, to accept temptation in the dream may symbolize your thoughts. Your dream may come true and you may betray someone in your life without any hesitation. In addition, it denotes that your relationship may break up because of your unfaithfulness.

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