Dream Meaning of Fagots

The dream meaning of fagots usually suggests that your enemies or people who want you to be unsuccessful are trying to harm you. If you see that a cloud of dense smoke is going up from a file of fagots in your dream, then your dream denotes that your enemies are trying to threaten you and bearing down upon you. However, the dream interpretation of burning fagots is different. To see that the pile of fagots is burning brightly represents that you will get rid of your enemies and will be able to deal with unexpected problems. The dream of burning fagots may be interpreted as great prosperity. You will make the right decisions at the workplace, you will be more successful than your competitors in your business area and make more profit.

Walking on the burning fagots in the dream

To see that you are walking on the burning fagots in your dream may be a warning. The dream implies that you will suffer from your friends’ unwise decisions. They will behave in the wrong way in a situation and their behaviors will hurt you.  On the other hand, to be able to walk on the burning fagots without being burned and getting harm is a good symbol. The dream indicates that your life will get better miraculously despite your friends’ wrong decisions and unexpected actions.

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