Dream Meaning of The Sky

There are many different meanings of the sky in your dream. The dream has both positive and negative interpretations. Generally, seeing the sky suggests hope, meeting new people, getting rid of your problems and having moral values. According to some interpretations, dreaming the sky symbolizes your enemies, difficulties, and evil. For example, if you dream that you are trying to touch the sky but you can’t, then it represents that you will feel disappointed. If you see that an elder person from your family is about to touch the sky, the dream may denote that that person will have come to the end of his / her life in a short time. The dream meaning of rising up into the sky reflects that you will experience bad situations, make wrong decisions or get bad news.  

To dream of looking at the sky

The dream interpretation of looking up at the sky foretells you that you will meet new people. If the sky is clear and blue, then the dream symbolizes good-hearted people. Your dream also implies your choices, creativity, freedom and new opportunities. When you see that the sky is black, cloudy or dark, then the dream points to sadness, difficulties, and troubles.

Falling down from the sky in the dream

The dream of falling down from the sky suggests that you will make a wrong decision and you will commit a sin on purpose. So, people will think that you lose your innocence. If you continued to commit sins, you would become an evil-hearted person. You should control yourself and be aware of what is happening. Alternatively, falling down from the sky illustrates your fears.

If something or someone else is falling down from the sky, the dream symbolizes your pessimistic attitude. To see that the thing is getting closer suggests that you are getting more and more worried about something.

Seeing a green sky in a dream

Seeing a green sky in the dream is a sign of hope, novelty, and nature. The weird color of the sky also reflects that you should focus on good things in your real life. The dream may symbolize prosperity, as well.  

Red sky in your dream

Red in the dream usually implies danger. So, the dream of the red sky also has a similar meaning. It suggests that you will get into trouble in the following days. You need to be careful while taking your steps. On the other hand, the red sky sometimes symbolizes romance. 

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