Dream Meaning of Sleeping

Sleeping in your dream points to relaxing. If you see that you are sleeping in a calm and peaceful place in your dream, it indicates that you will take a break, spend a good time with your family / friends or go on a holiday to freshen up yourself. When you dream that you are sleeping in a dark place, then it suggests that you will experience bad situations in your real life. Maybe you won’t be able to sleep because of these experiences.  

According to some dream interpretations, sleeping is a good symbol for the people who are in trouble. For instance, if you are short of money, you can find money unexpectedly. If you are sick, you can feel better in a short time. On the other hand, if you have a comfortable life, then the dream of sleeping may denote that you will face some problems.

To dream that someone is sleeping in your house is a sign of misfortune. You may lose your job or you may be deceived.

The dream interpretation of sleeping with someone reflects that you are trying to avoid your problems. The person near you represents your problems. If you don’t know that person, your dream illustrates that you don’t accept the existence of the problems.    

To sleep in a grave in a dream

The dream meaning of sleeping in a grave illustrates your feelings. You are trying to evaluate yourself in terms of your right and wrong decisions. You want to make an assessment and judge yourself on your own. If you see that it is dark, then the dream indicates that you don’t have a clear conscience. To dream that it is peaceful, it symbolizes that you think you are doing well.

To wake up while sleeping

To wake up suddenly while you are sleeping in your dream indicates good things. The dream usually denotes that you will change your mind and lifestyle, freshen up and have new viewpoints for daily life. The dream also reflects that a new idea will come to your mind if you are doing a project in your workplace.

Not to wake up in your dream

If you see that you can’t wake up in your dream, it represents that you will face a big problem and you will feel depressed for a long time. Your problem may be related to your family life or your business. Not to wake up symbolizes your unwillingness to struggle with the problem. So, getting rid of it will take time. 

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