Dream Meaning of Skull

Seeing a skull in your dream reflects your fears and anxiety. The dream may symbolize evil, danger or a serious illness. It may point to death. According to some interpretations, a skull represents your secrets that you don’t want anybody to learn. So, the dream meaning depends on the context.  

If you see the skull in your bed and you feel very anxious in your dream, then it indicates that one of your relatives will get ill or have an accident. This accident may cause death. To see that you are talking to a skull in your dream signifies that you will get news from a friend. Maybe you haven’t seen your friend for a long time and hearing from him /her will make you very happy. The dream of a skull sometimes points to a wonderful surprise. The skull symbolizes positive news even if you are hopeless about a situation.

The dream interpretation of kissing a skull

The dream meaning of kissing a skull foretells you that you will meet a wrong person but you will keep up meeting him or her although you know the truths about him/her. In the end, you will have a relationship with that person.

To dream of sleeping with a skull

To see that you are sleeping with a skull in your bed may be a warning for you not to forget your losses. If you lose one of your parents or a close friend in the past, you may do something for his/her soul.

Sleeping with a skull in your bed also illustrates that nothing can scare you. You are brave in your real life and you aren’t shy about your rights.

Seeing a skeleton in a dream

Skeleton in your dream indicates unfinished work. For example, you have a project which you have to complete but you can’t. Moreover, the skeleton may suggest changes from good to bad. If you are a rich person, you may start to lose your earnings. You may face some financial problems.

If you see that a human skeleton, then the dream reflects that you get something although you haven’t deserved it. This may be money, status or other good things. To dream that you are talking to a skeleton suggests that you will have a conversation with a person who is isolated from society because of his / her sins. The dream is a warning not to be friends with that person.

To dream that the skeleton is waking up denotes that you will get surprising news even if you have no hope. If you see that you are married with a skeleton, it shows that you will marry an honest and kind-hearted person. 

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