Dream Meaning of Skate

The dream meaning of skating on an attractive surface indicates that you will overcome all difficulties. You face many problems in your real life but you are so decisive and talented to cope with your problems easily. You aren’t afraid of being unsuccessful and do your best without hesitating. Your courage brings about good results. Skating in your dream also denotes that you are respected by your colleagues or your friends.

If you see that you are skating on your own in your dream, then it reflects that you like leading people and you are good at it. In the workplace or your social life, when people surround you, you step forward to be the leader of the group. This is a part of your personality and in the future, you may be a manager or director in your office. To dream that you are skating with many other people symbolizes your career. If you are working in a big company, you will be promoted in a short time.  

The dream meaning of skates

To see skates in your dream suggests that you are not aware of what is happening around you. You can not follow the situations because you don’t give enough importance to your environment. So, you always feel that you are in a complex world and everything is too complicated to be understood.

The other meaning of skates is lack of trust. You hesitate trusting other people or your friends. This interpretation is related to the literal meaning of the word. Skates are special boots to move on ice and the sliding surface reflects a lack of trust in the dreams. The dream also foretells you that you should be careful while spending your money. If you spent your money carelessly or on unnecessary things, you would be short of money after a while. Your family or your children may get angry with you as a result of your irresponsibility.

A pair of skates in your dream may also symbolize your faults and your attempts to be able to correct them. You have made many mistakes just because you have wanted to step forward but your wrong decisions and your mistakes are all burdens for you nowadays. So, you want to leave them behind.   

To dream of buying a pair of skates

To dream of buying a pair of skates illustrates that you are struggling with difficulties although you feel weak. You are trying to stay strong. If the skates are colorful, then the dream represents the two-faced women around you. Seeing black skates symbolizes rumors about your privacy in your workplace.

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