Dream Meaning of The Side

To dream meaning of the side of something depends on what you see. In general, sides of something in the dream illustrate that you have a problem but you can’t solve it. You don’t think basic truths and you don’t approach the situation from proper ways, which makes all the things more complicated.

The dream of the left side

Seeing the left side of anything in your dream represents that you are trying to do something which hasn’t been experienced before. It may be a project you are managing or you may have an idea about your business. The left side usually symbolizes novelty and creativity. In similar, going to left in your dream illustrates that you want to try new approaches and follow new roads.

Alternatively, the dream interpretation of the left side may reflect receiving or taking something. For instance, if you are waiting for something, it tells you that you will get it soon. It may be money or it may be present. The interpretation may suggest that you will purchase something, too.

According to some interpretations, dreaming of the left side symbolizes negativity. If you use your right hand in real life and you see that you are using your left hand in your dream, this may point to unexpected events which make you disappointed.

The dream meaning of the right side

The right side in your dream symbolizes general acceptance. If you see the right side of anything in your dream, then your dream foretells you that you are in an accepted or traditional path and you are happy with this. The dream is also a symbol of rigidity. You are unwilling to change your mind even if it is necessary. You prefer to be conservative although you know that you should think about a new perspective.

Alternatively, it is believed that the right side represents rationality. To dream of the right side reflects your logical thinking skills. 

Moreover, in real life, the right hand is considered to give or push something. So, to see the right side in the dream has a similar interpretation. It denotes that you will give something to someone. It may be anything such as money or furniture.   

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