Dream Meaning of Siege

The dream meaning of siege changes according to what you see. Hopelessness is the most common interpretation of the dream. It suggests that you feel hopeless. That is because either you took the wrong steps and couldn’t correct your mistakes whatever you did or you faced a great problem that you couldn’t control. The dream of a siege also represents that you are under pressure. You won’t be able to think clearly due to the pressure.

To be under siege in your dream

If you see that you or your house is under siege in your dream, the dream should be interpreted according to how you feel. To feel anxious under siege illustrates that you will face many difficulties. There may be many enemies around you in the workplace. These people may try to harm you by gossiping about you or attacking you directly. When you feel comfortable although you or your house is under siege, then the dream symbolizes good things. You will experience many good events. Alternatively, the dream may be interpreted as your success under pressure.

To dream of getting away from the siege

To see that you are able to get away from a siege in your dream represents that you will cope with a very complicated problem. If you feel that you are in a cage and you have difficulties to make decisions, the dream foretells you that you will be able to feel free in a short time.

The dream meaning of starting a siege

To dream that you have started a siege denotes that you will force someone to do what you want although you know it is not true. Alternatively, the dream may symbolize your arrogance. You are showing total belief in your skills and this is seen as arrogance by people around you. 

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