Dream Meaning of Coronation

The dream meaning of coronation refers to wealth and reputation. It usually suggests that your reputation will increase and you will be a well-known person whom everyone respects. If you are single and see that you are crowned in your dream, then it represents that you will meet a rich, kind-hearted and honest person and marry him or her in a short time. If you are married and you dream of coronation, it denotes that you will buy a new house. Alternatively, it may suggest that you will be promoted. If you work in a governmental office, the dream indicates that you will get a higher status. You may occupy with political affairs.  

To see a golden crown in your dream

The dream interpretation of you are wearing a golden crown means symbolizes fortune. One of your decisions will be a turning point for you and your life will completely change thanks to this decision. When a single woman sees that she is wearing a golden crown in a coronation, the dream illustrates that she will marry someone and the wedding ceremony will be defined as legendary by the guests.

On the contrary, a golden crown may be a sign of arrogance. So, it can be a warning for you to be careful about your behaviors.    

The dream interpretation of crowning in a coronation

To dream that someone is being crowned in a coronation ceremony and there are a lot of people watching it suggests you like to meet prominent people and try to be friends with them. You give importance to the status.

If you see that you feel unhappy while watching the ceremony, the dream symbolizes that you are satisfied with your present job, assets, relationships or status. It indicates that you want to have more.

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