Dream Meaning of Terror

The dream meaning of terror refers to the dilemmas, difficulties and troubles that you are experiencing. You feel hopeless and are unable to solve your problems although you are trying to do everything and find a way out to get rid of them. Your attempts make tired you and you feel like you are aging. In addition, terror in dream may be a sign of your doubts which you should face with.

Alternatively the dream of terror may represent that the solution for all your problems are in your mind and nobody can do anything for you.

The dream interpretation of terrorist

Terrorist in dream indicates that you shouldn’t believe or trust anybody. You shouldn’t give your secrets to anybody because you may be cheated unexpectedly. The dream tells that you are a pure-minded person and people may take advantage of you. They may benefit from you, which causes both financial and psychological harm.

Terrorist Attack

Terrorist attack represents that you will face with some dangerous situations and your life and properties will be in danger. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you meet with someone who occupying with such things. The dream may be a sign of warning.

Catching a terrorist in your dream

If you see that you are following a terrorist and catching him in your dream, it is interpreted as that you will experience an event which gives you an opportunity to understand which of your friends are your enemy and which of them are pure-minded. That event will make your mind clear about the people around you.

To get caught by a terrorist in dream

The dream usually symbolizes that your being deceived. It means people who support you in a project or in a part of your life, will give up supporting you. You may feel very disappointed when you see their leaving you alone.

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