Dream Meaning of Text

Sending a text message in your dream indicates that there will be many problems due to the fact that the discussions in the family life are brought to the business life. You will have to face with a lot of difficulties in your business life. It also implies that discussions and frictions among business partners will cause deeper business problems at workplace.

Alternatively the dream is interpreted in a positive way. Text messages in dream signify changes and innovations in business life and family life. By moving to a new country or city, moving to a new house, finding a new job or changing the concept of your work, you may change your social environment.

Who is sending you the text and what they are telling you are also important to interpret your dream truly. Your dream may be a sign of a need to communicate with that person who has sent you the text in your dream.

To dream about sending or receiving text messages may symbolize your communication with your network in your business and social life. It may also represent your subconscious.

If you can’t send a text message although you try in your dream, then it means that you have some difficulties to express your feelings in a true way and properly. Maybe you feel that the people around you don’t understand you.

The dream of writing a text message

Writing a text message in dream indicates that you will find a way to express yourself. If you feel that you have been misunderstanded in a situation and wronged, then your dream indicates that you will solve that problem with a better communication. If you are writing a text message to a friend or person you have already know, then the dream denotes that you will set a partnership with that person in you business life.

What is in the text message affects the interpretation of the dream. If you remember what is written in text, you should mean that message on your own. If you see only writing a text message and don’t remember what you have written, it is generally interpreted as that you will find a way to communicate properly with the others.

Receiving a text message

Receiving a text message from someone who you don’t know indicates that you will face with an unknown situation and will have to make a choice in that situation. Receiving text messages from a friend, a relative, or someone else who you know, represents that you will be happy. If you feel comfortable when you have read a threatening text, then your dream may be a sign of your patience. You will step forward one by one even if you have to encounter a lot of difficulties. You think that nobody can threaten you and you want to prove this to everyone.

The dream interpretation of reading a text message

To see that you are reading a text message in you dream, it denotes that you will overcome the difficulties. You will take all the warnings and advice into consideration and easily get through the problems by the help of those warnings. Alternatively, to read a text message may symbolize that you will get married with a woman who attaches importance to your family.  

Psychological interpretation of writing text message

The dream shows that you are very merciful and you love all people. You always respect different ideas, and you are open-minded. People who see this dream are usually aware of their abilities and know exactly what they want to have in their life.

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