Dream Meaning of Evening Gown

Seeing an evening gown in a dream will indicate that love will be created again among the spouses, especially when one of the spouses is cold against the other, and that the affair will be reversed and the person concerned will become a romantic person again.

Sleeping a person wearing an evening gown in the family; This dream indicates that families atititudes attracts beautiful news, enjoyable times, an unexpected baby will get news and will be in a process full of surprises.

The situation as much as the color and style of the dress is very important for the interpretation. In general, while a new and beautiful evening gown indicates good news, an old and ugly evening gown means a person who will make you sad.

Bright, vivid colored evening gowns in the dream is a sign of a person who has enjoyed the pleasures of the world life, has devoted himself to world life and has forgotten the spirituality.

Seeing green evening gowns means that a devout, chaste but flashy woman.

Seeing the red evening gown indicates a charming, attractive, but selfish lady who is cheating on men.

A yellow evening gown is a sign of a beautiful but diseased woman. She marries a noble man.

Blue evening gowns mean peace and happiness in family life.

Seeing a Torn Evening Gown in a Dream

An expectation symbolizes small developments that will bring happiness again, but it also tells you that things will not work out. Especially, the mistakes made by the person today seem to be a giant obstacle, the solutions found to get rid of the bad situation just saved the day, the wider the angled plans should be made. In Islam, it also signifies that one has a life that has harmed itself, that he/she must take refuge in his/her faith to find the right way by doing his own calculations.

Buying Evening Gown

Buying Red evening gown in a dream means a risk desire for something for single person. The white evening gown is a way to enter the marriage, the blue evening gown is a sign of a future full of successes, as a great dream will come true. If you take a black evening gown, it is interpreted to get the news of the suffering of loved people.

To Wear Evening Gown

Seeing to wear an evening gown in dream is a sign of a beautiful and attractive woman who attracts everyone’s attention. The wearer of evening gown in the dream will attend a nice meeting in a decent environment, or you will go to a wedding ceremony. There is an upscale space in real life, wearing an evening gown in a dream and participating in an organization.

The bright and vivid colored evening gowns mark the good opportunities for someone to be full of life and to stand out, a black and worn-out evening gowns tends to trouble, pessimism, and sometimes depression.

A person wearing a long evening gown in a dream will have a long and beautiful life or become a long-term affair. The short evening gown in the dream indicates a short distance that you will go to or near you in the near future.

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