Dream Meaning of Sickness

The dream meaning of sickness suggests your weaknesses. It may be a metaphor for your psychological problems. On the contrary, the dream sometimes reflects good symbols. The interpretation depends on the context.

Seeing a chronic sickness

The dream interpretation of chronic sickness represents that you will experience a bad event and this will be a turning point for you. Your life will change, your mind will change and you will be a completely different person. You will reshape your barriers, your feelings, and your thoughts.   

To dream of being sick

To see that you are sick in your dream is a sign of sadness and misfortune. Bad times may be on the door. You may be losing your energy because of the problems surrounding you. You may think that you don’t have the power to struggle with all those problems.

The dream meaning of being sick also symbolizes having limited time on this earth. Life has an ending for everyone and time should be managed effectively. So, it may be a warning for you to manage your time and do what you want to be satisfied. You shouldn’t spend most of your time on unnecessary things and people who make you unhappy. You should let them go and follow your dreams.

If you see that someone is sick in your dream, then it foretells that someone needs your help in real life. If you know the person who is sick in your dream, you may try to understand his or her feelings. On the other hand, to dream that a sick person is healing reflects good luck. You will overcome all difficulties and freshen up after a long time.

To dream that your enemy is sick implies that your enemies won’t be able to create problems for you anymore.

Seeing a sick person healthy

To see that a person who is sick in real life and health in your dream suggests that you are worried about that person very much. Maybe the person is from your family or one of your close friends. You want to help him or her but you can’t do anything except for waiting. So, his or her stability makes you feel bad. The dream reflects your deepest feelings about that person.

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