Dream Meaning of Shower

The dream meaning of shower symbolizes good starts and freshening up. Having a shower with fresh water is a metaphor for having a clear conscience and being kind-hearted. It is also a sign of forgiveness. Alternatively, the dream may represent your love and positive feelings.

According to some dream interpretations, a shower in your dream indicates that you will try to attract someone’s attention by giving him or her presents.

Taking a shower in the dream

To see that you are taking a shower in your dream usually implies good symbols. Cleaning, getting rid of all burdens, being clear is some of the symbols of taking a shower. If you see that you are taking a shower in dirty water, then the dream has the opposite meaning. It refers to your inconsistency, hesitance, and doubtfulness. The dream also suggests that you will have to struggle with a complicated situation. You may feel in a dilemma while you are making a decision.

To dream of showering with clothes

The dream meaning of showering with your clothes represents that you can’t express yourself very well. You feel timid about talking to others. So, you have to improve your communication skills. To dream of showering with clothes may imply that although you change your appearance frequently, you can’t change your mind easily. It may indicate that sometimes you try to seem to be a different person from who you are.

Alternatively, taking a shower with clothes illustrates that you set up psychological barriers between you and your friends and you don’t let anyone pass those barriers and reach your thoughts.

The dream meaning of showering with someone

Taking a shower has generally positive meanings. It reflects purity, cleanliness, and self-confidence. When you see that you are taking a shower with someone else, the dream suggests that you need to confess something which has been bothering you for a long time. If the person in your dream is a friend of you, then your confession will be related to him or her. If you don’t know the person, the dream tells you to be honest.  

When you see that you are taking a shower with a lot of people, it suggests that you feel that you are in a cage and everyone is looking at you in real life. You think that you don’t have privacy, and that bothers you very much. Moreover, the dream may be a sign of depression. So you should do something to have inner peace. 

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