Dream Meaning of Cot

The dream interpretation of cot symbolizes fortune. It means that the dreamer will experience good events and get good news. If you have a serious illness, the dream may suggest that you will have a special medical treatment and you will get better. If you are in debt to the banks or to your friends, the dream meaning of a cot represents that you can pay all your debts. The dreamers who are short of money will get richer.  

Alternatively, a cot in your dream indicates that your desire to have a baby. If you are single, the dream symbolizes your wishes about falling in love and getting married.

Baby in the dream usually reflects good news. So, to see that a baby in the cot symbolizes happiness and good luck. If you are in trouble, the dream indicates that you will leave the difficulties behind you.

Seeing an empty cot in a dream

To dream of an empty cot suggests that you will experience some bad events. It may be a metaphor for your enemies. Moreover, you will have to deal with your enemies because of some personal reasons.  

To install a cot in your dream

To see that you are installing a cot in your dream implies good symbols. It reflects inner peace, happiness, and a clear conscience. You may be promoted at the workplace, you may get married or you may have a baby. You will live a comfortable life with your family.

Seeing a broken cot in a dream

To dream of a broken cot refers to misfortune. You may get bad news about your family, health or friends. You may lose your money because of a wrong decision. You may lose your job. So, the dream is a warning for you to be careful and be prepared for any unexpected situation.

Buying a cot in your dream

The dream interpretation of buying a cot is similar to the dream meaning of a cot. To buy a cot reflects that good days are on the door. You will be able to cope with all your problems and freshen up. You can spare more time for yourself and your family. 

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