Dream Meaning of Cornet

The dream meaning of cornet usually suggests that you are attracting people’s attention thanks to your speech, your attitude or your physical appearance. Seeing or hearing a cornet in your dream symbolizes good things.

Alternatively, to see a cornet may represent that some problems in your family. There may be quarrels among your family members. Sometimes you may be one side of these quarrels although you don’t like that. Disagreements or quarrels may stem from misunderstanding.

Playing cornet in a dream

To see that you are playing cornet means that you want to express yourself. You want others to listen to you and understand your feelings.

If you see that someone playing cornet or trumpet in your dream, it may symbolize danger. Loud and annoying sounds that are coming from the instrument denotes that you have to be careful about yourself in your daily life. Someone may try to harm you because of his or her jealousy. The dream is a warning for you not to talk to everyone about your secrets and not to trust people who you don’t know well.

The dream of a cornet with ice cream

The dream meaning of cornet with ice cream in it reflects happiness and good luck. You will achieve your goals in a short time. If there isn’t ice cream in it, then it means that it will take some time to reach your aims and you have to be patient. 

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