Dream Meaning of Corns

To see corns in your dream usually symbolizes positive things. Fertility, good luck, prosperity are some of what dreaming of corns suggests. The dream meaning of corns depends on the context. What you have seen in your dream changes the interpretation.

To dream of planting corns

Planting something in the dream refers to starts. Planting corns has a similar interpretation. You are at the beginning of your business life and you have to work hard to gain a reputation in business, to earn more money and to be a well-known person in your field. You need to be patient when you face difficulties.

Eating corns in your dream

If you see that you are eating cooked corns in your dream, it symbolizes wealth. Eating corns reflects your assets and money. If the corns taste good, then your dream says that you feel rich and you are happy to spend your money on whatever you want without hesitating. If you are eating rotten corns, then it suggests that you do not know what to do with your money.

The dream interpretation of harvesting corns

To harvest is a metaphor for working hard. So harvesting corns in the dream reflects that you should work hard to have a more comfortable life.

Buying corns from a market in a drean

To see that you are buying corns from a market in your dream denotes that you will exchange your wealth with something that is invaluable for you. For instance, you may change your mind about having a good job in a big city with marrying someone and moving to a small city. You may give up managing an important project which will provide you with a high reputation and prefer to be with your family.

To dream of collecting corns

To see that you are collecting corns in your dream represents that you will be loved very much. You will have a happy marriage. It also denotes that your desire to have children. If you are a pregnant woman, then the dream refers to giving birth to a son.   

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