Dream Meaning of a Shrew

The dream of a shrew indicates that you need to help someone to feel better. You think that a friend of yours needs your help and you will do your best for him or her.  Maybe you will take your friend out for lunch or drink something and listen to him / her as he / she needs. According to some interpretations, shrew in your dream refers to wisdom. So, you should try to understand all the situations around you. 

Alternatively, the dream meaning of a shrew suggests that you have to make a decision about your career and business life. You should review what you have and what you can do in order to determine your goals. Positive goals will encourage you in your business life.

To see a small shrew in your dream usually reflects that you feel timid in your social life. So, you need to improve your communication skills to be fully understandable. Meeting new people and attending to some social activities will help you get rid of your barriers.

 A shrew eating in your dream

 If you see that a shrew is eating a piece of cheese in your dream, then it indicates that you will get good news. The news may be related to health, buying a real estate, earning money or something else.

The dream meaning of a group of shrews

To see that there is more than one shrew on the ground and they are moving together in your dream implies bad luck or hostility. The dream foretells that you will get into trouble because you will choose the wrong person to do business with.

A group of shrews in your dream also suggests that you have hidden enemies around you. Maybe one of your colleagues has been gossiping about you for a long time. You should be careful about whom you spend time in the workplace.

The dream of catching shrews

To dream that you are able to catch shrews symbolizes good luck. It usually implies that you will gain more money. You may win the lottery. If you do business, your profit will increase. To see that a shrew is walking on a trap but is not caught in the dream is a sign of getting bad news.

To be scared of a shrew in your dream

If you are scared of the shrew, the dream foretells that one of your decisions will make you feel embarrassed. The dream also represents that a younger or less experienced person will cause an embarrassing situation for you.  

Seeing a white shrew

To see a white shrew is usually interpreted as marriage. As white represents happiness and purity, the white shrew also has a positive meaning. In addition, to dream of a small white shrew also imply that you will overcome your problems.

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