Dream Meaning of Ruin

To see ruin in your dream symbolizes your mother or father who is very sick. It usually shows that you will experience hard times and face with some problems. Dreaming with ruin is interpreted as struggling with troubles on your own without any help of someone. You won’t lose your faith and thank God although you have big financial problems.

If you are living a comfortable life and you are a rich person, then ruin in dream represents that everything will become reversed. You will get poor suddenly and lose your wealth. Besides you will have to struggle illnesses. If you have your own business, the dream may be a sign of bankruptcy. Alternatively, it illustrates that you will divorce if you are married.

To get into a ruin / gutted house in dream

Dream meaning of getting into a ruin may be a sign of  bad luck. If you are getting into your own house which is a ruin in your dream, then it represents that you will hear bad news or one of your family members will have a serious health problem. If the house belongs to anyone else, to dream about ruin may be a sign of someone else’s getting bad news. You know this person and when he or she hears about bad things you will get upset, too. Alternatively, ruin may signify that your life will be upside down and you will experience bad days for a while.

To dream with buying a gutted house

Dream interpretation of buying a gutted house suggests that you will feel upset because of a situation. You will think about that situation positively but things will get worse unexpectedly. You will also get disappointed. Alternatively, to buy a gutted house in dream means you will lose your money, properties or reputation since you will insist on behaving in a wrong way. Your behaviour will cause trouble.

Psychological interpretation of ruin in dream

People who feel upset and experience disappointment may see ruin in their dreams. The dream usually symbolizes having no more endurance. It also illustrate that the dreamer is losing joy of living or energy and this makes  he or she sluggish.

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