Dream Meaning of Whiskey

Dream meaning of whiskey suggests that you will have many opportunities which make your life easier and better. You will be a respected and lovable person in your social environment, your welfare level will increase and you will obtain everything you want to have. Besides, to dream about whiskey may represent that you will earn a lot of money and live in a luxury.

To drink whiskey in dream

The dream interpretation of drinking whiskey indicates that your financial position will be enough to live comfortably. Alternatively, to see that you are drinking whiskey in your dream signifies that you will have a fixed income although you do not work.

It is usually a sign of richness and wealth. This richness refers to that you will not feel the need for anything you want in your life and you will have everything.

Dream meaning of whiskey glass

To dream whiskey glass symbolizes good luck. It illustrates that you will be healthy, rich and happy in your life. You will be successful at work, you will have better conditions by the help of your works and right decisions. Your income will increase with your diligence and efforts.

To dream with whiskey bottle  

To dream about whiskey bottle usually signifies luxury. It is a sign of property or money. You will have a luxurious life, you will obtain high living standards and you will never feel poverty. So, most of the people will think that your life is perfect and full. In addition, many people will be jealous of you because of your welfare and richness.

Dream interpretation of buying whiskey

To see that you are buying whiskey in your dream indicates that you are occupied with commerce and transactions in your business will pick up. As a result of your steps in your business, you will be famous and your name will be renown in society. Moreover, your earnings will increase and your financial position will become stronger.  

Offering whiskey in dream

Offering whiskey in dream means you are not only rich but also very generous. You tries to help and support people and this makes you a lovable person in your social circle. Alternatively, the dream represents that you are aware of your richness and you are proud of your assets.  

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  1. I had recurring dreams of my daughter. In dreams, she always appeared as a teen and I was telling her she had to go to work.

  2. Hi, I had a dream where a man i know came in to my workplace and gave me a bottle of whiskey and another small bottle. the way he presented it, it was like he was giving me an award. Because some thought he was delivering the bottle for them, since i stopped drinking, but instead he gave the bottle to me and my colleagues were surprised.

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