Dream Meaning of Passing the University Exam

The dream interpretation of passing the university examination shows that you will have a prosperous life in the future. You will be successful in your education life and have an enviable job. You will be a respected employee at work. If you are still a student, then the dream represents that you will pass your exams.

To see a university in dream is a sign of a prosperous life and happy days. You will gain much money and have a comfortable life. You will reach your goals and complete your projects by the help of your hardworking.

A university lecturer symbolizes a guide. You may need someone to advice you. The dream suggests that there is one who is trying to guide and support you to succeed. This person is very informed and knowledgeable. You will be assisted by that person and be promoted to a higher position with the help of him / her.  If the person who helps you is angry in your dream, it implies that you aren’t giving your all and trying your best. It is a message for you to work harder.

The dream meaning of university door

To dream with a university door signifies governmental agency. It may refer to that you will apply a governmental office to be a civil servant. Alternatively, the dream may indicates your path in your educational or business life. If you see that you are entering the university through the door it means that you will either be a civil servant in a short time or enroll in a very popular university.

Enrolling in university in dream represents your success in educational life. It signifies good symbols. The dream is also a sign of a comfortable life, high positions and wealth.  If you are a housewife, the dream suggests that you will bring your children up and they will become respected people. To enroll in a university which is far to your hometown, it shows that you will move far away but you will be very successful there.  

To dream that you are a student at university shows that you will either find a good job or be promoted. Besides, it may symbolize your private life. You will be happy in your social life.

Psychological interpretation of enrolling in university

The dream usually refers to your enthusiasm about studying. If you are preparing for the university entrance examination the dream implies your anxiety and stressful days. It also shows your wish to be successful.

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