Dream Meaning of Lecturer

The dream meaning of lecturer is related to business life. Lecturer indicates that you will obtain what you deserve although someone did you an injustice at work. This injustice may have caused your position lower and may have been based on your manager’s or a colleague’s behaviour. Whatever it is, the one who acted unfair to you will apologize in a short time.

The dream of lecturer is also a sign of consistency and adequacy at work. You will try to protect your future and plan everything in order to be the best in business life. You will behave reasonably and be very decisive among your competitors and colleagues. You will prove your worth to others and gain a lot of money. Alternatively, the dream shows that you are good at rhetoric and public speaking and a good advisor for the others.

To dream with being a lecturer at university

To dream about being a lecturer indicates that you will be an experienced person about dealing with any problem in business life. You will also turn your experience into money. Personal skills, training and passion means being successful. If you have children, then lecturer in dream suggests that you may go abroad for education with your family. Besides, you are a respectful member in your family, and you are respected by your relatives.

The dream meaning of university

University in dream represents that you will support one of your friends in terms of business. Actually you are a person who is calm even under pressure and you will find a way for the others’ problems.  

Psychological interpretation of lecturer

The dream about lecturer is usually interpreted as that your effort to prove your worth to a close friend. This person, who tells some bad words to you, may be from your family. You want him or her to apologize from you because of his / her words.  Alternatively the dream symbolizes that you do not want to reveal you thoughts and feelings.

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