Dream Meaning of University

To see a university in a dream refers to modernity, improvement, inventions.

To walk inside the university, see the buildings of university in your dream may represent that you will get rid of your bad habits, display different behaviors which will be appreciated in a new environment.

To get into the university in your dream suggests that you will finish a relationship which restricts you, fulfill your dreams and change your life style as you want.

To see university degree in your dream indicates that you will make changes about your appearance and hear positive feedbacks.

To dream that you couldn’t get into the university symbolizes that by getting a new hobby, you will participate in courses regarding this.

To see a university lecturer in your dream may indicate that because of your achievement about a project you joined or a job you worked before, you will take a profitable offer to study in a project which you started. If you become a lecturer at the university or make a conversation about an issue at the university, this dream tells that you will contribute the change and improvement of your relative and take benediction from that person.

To dream that you abandon your current city because of the university may represent that you should accept the offer you refused before and you should act for your thoughts as soon as possible.

To see of going to the university in your dream may represent that by changing your friendship environment, you will be more sociable person. If you see that you have just started to the university, the attention in your social environments will be on you.

To dream that you graduate from the university may imply that you will start to receive a recompense for your works. If you see university graduation ceremony in your dream, your works will be a model for the works of others and they will be imitated.

To get kicked out from the university in your dream may indicate that troubles will emerge in a study which you will make important progress and you will perpetuate your plans differently.

To see your university friends in your dream refers to a successful business life and regular family life.

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