Dream Meaning of Fables

The dream interpretation of fables usually denotes that you are a respected person. To see that you are telling a fairy tale to a small child in your dream shows that you will be a good mother or father. If you are telling your life experiences to your child in your dream, then the dream represents that you are a tolerant person and also imaginative. The connection between you and your child is very strong and will never weaken. You will always support your child and tell the truth to prevent your child from making mistakes.

To dream that you are telling a fairy tale to an adult indicates that you will betray that person. You will misuse someone’s weakness and you will try to take advantage of his / her situation.

Alternatively, fables or stories in your dream signifies that you have your head in the clouds and you live in the realm of the imaginary. As you don’t pay attention to what is happening around you and behave like you are in a fable, you will be disappointed.

The dream also represents that you have many friends and you have good communication skills. You are adventurous and your character may cause your life to be upside down. You may make wrong decisions in your business life or private life and you may be betrayed by someone whom you have always trusted. The dream warns you to be more realistic.

The dream meaning of reading a story

To dream that you are reading a tale suggests that you will face some problems but you will deal with all of them. Your family and your spouse will always support you. You are lucky in your life. In addition, the dream indicates that you like to support people who need help. You may donate some money to charities.

To write a story in the dream

To see that you are writing a story in your dream represents that you will earn money thanks to your imaginativeness and creativity. You may be a successful painter, author or musician in the future. You will take opportunities which enable you to create something new.  You will achieve your goals and you will set new ones.

The psychological interpretation of fables

The dream usually signifies that you always try to prove yourself and you want to be a well-known person in your field. The dream points out your creativity.

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