Dream Meaning of Failure

The dream meaning of failure symbolizes your fears. It represents that you worry about making the wrong decisions or being unable to meet your family’s needs. It may be related to your relationships. In addition, the dream may suggest that you are under pressure.

If you are not feeling confident in society, you may have many dreams about failure. Your lack of confidence may be related to your appearance or your decisions.

Failure at school has a similar interpretation, too. To fail an examination does not represent that you will fail at school, it signifies your anxiety and fears.

If you are an adult and working, then the dream indicates that you are unsuccessful in your business and you worry about your job. Maybe you think that you are not able to get a promotion at work.

The dream of failure may be a warning about your private life. If you have a relationship, you should be careful about your decisions.

To fail in your dream

To dream that you have failed illustrates that you will miss an opportunity and then you will feel unhappy. The dream implies that you will regret missing that opportunity and you will always remember it. The dream may denote that you will make a wrong decision because of your emotions and your decision will cause many problems in your life.

Alternatively, it may suggest that you will be betrayed by one of your close friends. You will end the partnership with that friend after you notice his / her betrayal.

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