Dream Meaning of Shelves

What Do Shelves Mean in Your Dream?

Dream meaning of shelves in your dream represents that your life will get very beautiful and smooth. You will live a very beautiful and happy life with your family and loved ones. You will not encounter any problems and your troubles will disappear soon. You will not have any disease and you will have a healthy life.

If you see the empty shelves in a dream, this is the news of bad luck and sadness but the full shelves are always a sign of happiness and success.

Seeing the damaged shelves in your dream is interpreted as a person hiding the secrets. You will have a son who is great knowledge if you put something on the shelves such as books or other things or trinket. According to another rumor, if you are a man, you will marry a woman who will remain loyal to you and keep all your secrets until the end of her life.

To see wide and enormous shelves in your dream symbolizes that you have a ton of dependable people in your environment because of this you won’t feel alone in your works. If the shelves are little and tight, you will deal with your works on your own and you will turn in on yourself in view of untrustworthy people in your environment.

Cleaning Shelves in Your Dream

Cleaning shelves in your dream is interpreted that you will have very nice and beneficial events in business life because you are a proper person. You’ll get big winnings and you’re going to be very successful in everything you do. With every step you take, you will be more prominent and you will come to a more successful position.

Setting Shelves in Your Dream

Setting shelves in your dream is interpreted that you’re going to help someone who’s stuck in a difficult and tough situation. You will correct one of your relatives or friends mistake and you will try to hide their secret. At the same time, anyone who sees this dream will find a peaceful and happy level because of helping people’s problems.

Sitting on Shelves in Your Dream

Sitting on shelves in your dream is interpreted as a rising of your career. You will win reputation among people around you. According to another rumor, the person sitting on the shelves in the dream means a great invention for the benefit of humanity. You will announce this invention to people in a short time and you will be mentioned frequently.

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