Dream Meaning of Daisy

The dream meaning of daisy is goodness, happiness, innocence, friendliness, and peace. It is interpreted that you will get good news. You are a gentle, good-hearted person and you always want everyone around you to become happy. You avoid committing sins and you are careful what to do. You try not to break one’s heart in real life. Alternatively, daisies in the dream may symbolize a new relationship To see that you are plucking the petals of a daisy in your dream symbolizes love.

If you see that someone gives you a bouquet of daisies, then the dream is a sign of sadness or losing someone’s love. It may also represent that you will make peace and be friends with someone after a long time.

Dream interpretation of walking in a field full of daisies denotes that you will be rich and have a comfortable life. It also indicates that someone around you will give a hand to help you in a situation. If you look around and see that you are surrounding by daisies in your dream, then it represents that you will get support from your family or friends to overcome your problems.

The dream of wearing a crown made up daisies suggests you want to marry and settle down and your dream will come true in the following days.

To plant daisy seeds in the dream signifies your goals. Alternatively, it represents that you will overcome your problems in a short while and have good times.

The dream interpretation of picking daisies

To see that you are picking daisies in the dream indicates that you will face a situation which brings about goodness and wealth for you. According to some dream interpreters picking daisies is a sign of falling in love.

Smelling daisies in the dream

Smelling daisies symbolizes making new friends who will always support you. They will back you in every situation and you will feel good and strong because of their attitude. You will trust them and talk to them about anything you want.

To give someone daisies in your dream

The dream meaning of giving someone daisies usually signifies a relationship. It means there is someone who attracts your attention and you are thinking about her or him. It may symbolize platonic love.

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