Dream Meaning of Counting

The dream interpretation of counting differs depending on what you are counting in your dream. It has many different meanings such as going to do your military service or seeing someone off. It may also denote freedom, getting good news or meeting new people who will improve your life.

The dream meaning of counting your money

To see that you are counting your money in your dream suggests that you will start to work on a project which will bring you a large amount of profit and make you rich. That project or business will be very profitable and long-term. The dream may suggest that you will start to do your own business after one of your family members advise you to do so. If the person who dreams that he/she is counting money is poor or short of money, then the dream denotes that he/she will pay all her / his debts and have a comfortable life.

To count numbers in the dream

To see that you are counting numbers in the dream suggests that you have strict principles and someone will unfair to you. You will end your friendship with that person and go your way without her/ him. Alternatively, counting may also denote that you want to take revenge against people who are unfair to you.

The psychological interpretation of counting in the dream

The dream of counting usually symbolize someone suffering from obsession. It also states that people holding grudge against everyone are unwilling to forgive anything and they are very intolerant. Counting may be a metaphor which denotes the dreamer’s boredom. It represents that the dreamer wishes that the time passed faster.

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